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With today’s launch of a new community-powered content curation tool, called, excellent travel content has a new homepage on the web. was conceived as a way to filter the overwhelming volume of digital travel content using professional and rigorous editorial criteria.

Powered by a combination of community participation, algorithmic filtering and a team of committed and enthusiastic editors, showcases articles and images that are particularly helpful or inspiring, but can be difficult to find, whether for travel industry operators or the wider public.

The community identifies and highlights excellent digital travel content in all forms and formats, including destination guides, long-form features, personal narratives and blog posts, photographs and other audio-visual or interactive media.

The content may originate from major publishers, independent websites and blogs, travel brands or any other source.


The one unifying element is that the content meets the community’s editorial standards and quality controls.

Content curation today plays a pivotal role in digital-marketing strategies for the travel industry. The challenge is that the process of discovering quality and shareable content remains inefficient and labor intensive.

Matthew Barker, a co-founder of, said “Discovering valuable content amid all the noise is becoming ever harder. Search-engine algorithms are conspicuously failing to deliver, social media rewards celebrity and superficiality over substance, while human-based approaches can’t possibly process the deluge of content in any adequate way.

“This is tragic because our industry is blessed by a vast and diverse range of passionate and dynamic content creators and publishers that produce excellent material on a daily basis. Yet we see audiences, consumers and brands all clamoring for a better way of cutting through the junk and discovering the travel content they need and want.

“We are harnessing the power of the open community and, along with some smart technology and proactive editorial oversight, filtering and curating in a way that people can finally rely upon.”

The content submitted to is searchable, but also categorized so that it can be filtered by theme and location. This feature allows it to be distributed as controlled curated feeds. plans to push these feeds to travel brands, destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and other industry organizations via a suite of tools and services aimed at simplifying the process of content discovery and curation.