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Venice flooded for fourth time in a decade

Venice flooded for fourth time in a decade

Large swathes of tourism hotspot Venice have been flooded after torrential downpours swept northern Italy.

As much as three quarters of the city is underwater, with tourists able to swim in the famous St Mark’s Square.

As many as 200 people have also been evacuated from their houses, with shops, homes and historic buildings filling with water.

The lagoon city saw high water reach 149 cm, the fifth highest level seen since recording began in 1872.

While there was no immediate estimate of damage to the beautiful north-eastern city, figures are likely run into tens of millions.

It was the fourth time since 2000 Venice had been hit by record high water.

Environment officers on the ground there said the latest flooding was the result of global climate change.

A barrier to protect the city from repeated winter flooding, which has been planned for decades, is due to be finished by 2015.