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US travel to Europe: set for recovery or still in the doldrums?

US travel to Europe: set for recovery or still in the doldrums?

As the global economic situation remains volatile and the demographic make-up of the USA alters, we can expect changes in the way Americans travel. But what form will these changes take?

A joint seminar of the European Travel Commission (ETC), World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) will look at prospects for US outbound travel to Europe over the next 10 years. The seminar will be held at the World Travel Market at ExCel London on November 8 from 1600 to 1730 hours in the North Gallery, Rooms 4 and 5.

This seminar will showcase the findings of new research into the US Outbound travel market - traditionally Europe’s most important long-haul market. It will answer such questions as:

• Where will Americans travel?
• Will the profile of visitors to Europe be different?
• Will Europe retain its appeal, or will newer destinations “distract” Americans from traveling to Europe?
• How do Americans view Europe?
• What are they looking for when they travel on holiday?
• What makes Europe different for them?
• Where will Europe’s competition come from in the next few years?
• How will they find information and book?
• Will travel agents be replaced by the internet?
• Will mobile devices become a game changer?