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US airlines collect $5.7bn in fees

US airlines collect $5.7bn in fees

United States-based airlines collected almost $5.7 billion from baggage fees and reservation change fees in 2010, according to the airline financial data released today.

The figures, collected by the US Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), revealed airlines received $3.4 billion from baggage fees and $2.3 billion from reservation change fees in 2010.

These are the only fees paid by passengers that BTS can identify separately.

All other fees paid by passengers are included in larger categories with other types of revenue.

Delta Air Lines led the way, collecting an estimated $952.3 million in fees over the course of the year.

American Airlines was second ($580.7 million), US Airways third ($513.6 million), Continental fourth ($341.6 million) and United fifth ($313.2 million).

Delta topped the league in change fees at $698.6 million.

The airline was followed by American ($471.4. million), United ($321.5 million), US Airways ($253.1 million) and Continental ($237.4 million).