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Airlines raise cost of carrying golf equipment by 50%

Airlines raise cost of carrying golf equipment by 50%

New research from Purple Parking today reveals that many of the major airlines have hiked up the price of transporting golf equipment.

The biggest culprit is British Airways, which in 2009 didn’t charge customers to carry sporting equipment in addition to checked baggage. Today however, golfers are required to pay an extra baggage fee of £30 if they choose to bring golfing equipment on a BA flight.

On average, the airlines that impose a flat rate for carrying golf equipment have increased their charges by 50% - quite a significant increase when compared to the UK’s current 4% inflation rate*.

Oliver Inwards, E-Commerce Director at Purple Parking, highlights: “It’s interesting to see how many airlines have chosen to increase fees for transporting golfing equipment. With the economy struggling and less people travelling, passing on even small costs may discourage travellers. Many British holidaymakers are already struggling to save up for their holiday, so this is just another added cost to account for.”

With charges varying depending on the airline, class you travel in, bag size, bag weight, and even the destination you travel to and from, airlines could be accused of hiding the real cost from customers.


Online searches for ‘golfing holidays’ reached a peak in August, which is why Purple Parking has chosen now to create a golf baggage allowance table. The table aims to dispel any confusion and clearly outline the additional costs for holidaymakers wishing to take golfing equipment abroad.

The research by the Heathrow parking provider also reveals that: American Airlines, BMI, Easyjet, Flybe and Ryanair have all increased their golf carriage fees when compared to **2009.

In addition to the flat rate increases, American Airlines’ extra baggage charges have increased by 20%, from $50 USD to $60 USD (approximately £30 to £36) . For baggage weighing more than 45kgs, their oversized baggage fee has increased by 50%, from $100 USD to $150 USD per item (approximately £61 to £91).

There is some good news for golfers though. Those choosing to fly with Air France or KLM will benefit from no extra charge for golf equipment, as long as the total weight does not surpass the weight limits per person. (In 2009 both airlines charged fixed excess baggage fees). Emirates and Virgin Atlantic also continue to provide free carriage of golfing equipment.

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