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Universal Studios Singapore opens to public

Universal Studios Singapore opens to public

In true Hollywood style, some of the biggest superstars from East and West – international action star Jet Li, international screen icon Maggie Cheung, renowned pop-artist and former American Idol judge Paula Abdul and Chinese cinema darling and pop artiste Vicki Zhao Wei, as well as many of Singapore’s very own local artistes – all converged to celebrate and take part in the Grand Opening events for Universal Studios Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore showcases 21 rides and shows with globally-popular themes such as the world’s first Madagascar-themed ride, Madagascar: A Crate Adventure; Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure; Shrek 4-D Adventure; Revenge of the Mummy; and Battlestar Galactica: Human and Battlestar Galactica: Cylon.

The action and entertainment opportunities for Universal Studios Singapore guests will continue to grow toward the end of this year with the worldwide premiere of yet another blockbuster attraction.

Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), the integrated resort site for Universal Studios Singapore, forecasts 16 million visitors for the year 2011, up from 15 million in 2010.

Universal Studios Singapore is expected to welcome four million visitors, double its attendance within its nine months of opening in 2010.

Over the same period of time, Universal Studios Singapore hosted over 115,000 delegates from across the world participating in 96 private events, and also delighted over 1,500 children from needy families from both Singapore and neighbouring Malaysia in RWS’s annual charity aRWSome Kids’ Date.

Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, executive chairman of RWS said, “People often ask why I picked a Universal Studios theme park to be part of Resorts World Sentosa six years ago.

“I tell them that movies are evergreen. They can be enjoyed, celebrated and remembered by all ages.”

Universal Studios Singapore is today staffed by 3,450 team members, who form nearly one third of the 13,000-strong workforce at RWS.

Theme park management is a brand new industry in Singapore and, with the development of Universal Studios Singapore, the Resort has not only helped shape government-driven theme park training courses, but essentially transformed the tourism landscape of Singapore.

With Universal Studios Singapore as its anchor attraction, Resorts World Sentosa has become one of the most successful destinations in the region.

Even as Singapore’s first integrated resort celebrates the success of Universal Studios Singapore, it forges ahead with the development of another world-class attraction of a different genre – the Marine Life Park, which will be one of the largest wildlife parks in the world, opening its doors to guests come 2012.

Two more hotels and the ESPA complex will mark the completion of RWS.