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Union rules out BA strike over Easter

Union rules out BA strike over Easter

The threat of strikes at British Airways over the Easter holidays appears to have evaporated.

Unite, the union representing the airline’s cabin crew, said that no action would occur over Easter, following its announcement earlier in the week of a new strike ballot.

Unite’s spokesman Len McCluskey said he wanted “families to be able to plan their travel arrangements in confidence”.

BA has attacked the union statement, saying it offered “little comfort” to travellers as strikes could still start from March 1.

An Easter strike was seen as Union’s biggest weapon in its bid to force BA to back down over cost cuts and changes in work practices.


A 12-day strike that had been planned over Christmas was halted after the High Court said it was illegal following concerns about how the ballot had been organised.

The new strike ballot among cabin crew will open on 25 January and conclude on 22 February.

In a statement, British Airways accused Unite of making proposals that would result in a large increase in costs and sent a letter to staff asking for volunteers to train as replacement cabin crew during any strike.