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Under The Sea Hawaii joins the Hawaii Tourism Association

Under The Sea Hawaii joins the Hawaii Tourism Association

Hawaii - The Hawaii Tourism Association (HiTA) is pleased to welcome Under The Sea Hawaii as its latest member

Barbara Whitman, President of Under The Sea Hawaii said: “The uniqueness of my business brought a lot of interested parties to the island. So I’m really happy to be involved in HiTA, and I am grateful for their help.

“I think I’ve come up with a pretty unique tour that is respectful of Hawaiian culture and the incredible marine environment here, and benefits the local community. It took me almost 2 years to find my niche after lots of exploring around Oahu to find the best snorkel spots and investigating snorkel businesses around the state. But I’m really happy with the results.”

HiTA President Juergen T. Steinmetz said: “We’re excited to welcome Under The Sea Hawaii as a new member and are looking forward to introducing this unique attraction operator to our growing global team of tourism ambassadors and visitors they send to Hawaii.

“Our goal is to build strong relationships with local and global tourism partners in order to act as a driver of economic growth, development, and sustainability. We aspire to connect to and support the Hawaii travel industry for the benefit of our members, clients, and the tourism industry.


“HiTA is actively engaged in building a global tourism ambassador program that will reach out to new and emerging markets in order to grow international visitation to Hawaii. We do this by interviewing and hand picking top international tour operators and travel companies who have the potential to inspire travel to Hawaii from a world away.”