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UK travellers against tourist eco-tax, survey reveals

Despite the rise in eco-tourism and increasing concerns over our carbon footprint, it seems that we Brits are not prepared to pay a premium to help conserve the destinations we visit on holiday.

A recent poll by, the UK’s largest travel add-ons provider, revealed that a massive 70% of travellers do not believe that they should be forced to pay an eco-tax when going abroad - men were more cynical than women, with 7% more males believing that the tax is merely another way for foreign governments to take cash from tourists. Just 12% of those asked said that they would pay the tax because of their responsibility to protect the environment.

However, 18% of customers would be happy to pay a tourist eco-tax if the funds went on nature and wildlife.

When asked how environmentally-friendly they are on holiday, more than one in two holidaymakers (55%) claimed to be eco-conscious, yet almost one in five (19%) admitted that they make no effort to save energy while away, and a reluctant 22% of respondents declined to give an answer! A brazen four per cent admitted to leaving their air-conditioning on and requesting fresh towels daily.

Anthony Clarke Cowell,’s head of product innovation and merchandising, said: “Tourist eco-taxes have been unpopular in the past and the poll results reflect this. However, we have found that UK holidaymakers do like to support sustainable tourism if it’s made easy and does not impact too heavily on the pocket. Our Travel Foundation donation scheme is one example of hassle-free, responsible travel.”