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U launches two new themed cruises for summer 2019

U launches two new themed cruises for summer 2019

After launching as the first river cruise line of its kind last year, U is seeking to reinvent the river cruise experience even further with the launch of two new themed cruises.

The trips will take place this summer in Germany aboard The A.

The new tailored itineraries, Tattoo on U and U in Drag, are themes that share U’s fun ethos, and offer never-seen-before cruise experiences.

“We’re so excited to announce tattoo and drag queen themed cruises for our U guests,” said Ellen Bettridge, chief executive and president of U.


“The themes coincide with everything our U brand stands for which is encouraging our guests to completely let go, be confidently themselves and meet new like-minded travellers along the way.

“It’s important for us to continue to innovate in ways that inspire our guests and provide them with experiences that they won’t find anywhere else.

“The launch of these two cruises is just the beginning for our themed concepts onboard U.”

U’s new themed cruises are enhanced versions of the eight-day Germany’s Finest itinerary that sails from Frankfurt to Regensburg.

U in Drag will depart on July 6th.

U has teamed up with celebrity drag queens Jiggly Caliente, Darienne Lake and Phi Phi O’hara, as seen on the hit TV-show RuPaul’s Drag Race, to offer guests a week they won’t forget.

Along with several onboard performances throughout the sailing, the itinerary includes interactive activities co-hosted by the drag queens, such as a karaoke night, drag makeup lessons, an exclusive bar crawl at one of the ship ports, and more.

The sailing will be an action-packed celebration of culture, entertainment, glitter and stilettos.

On August 17th, Tattoo on U will set off.

On this cruise, U guests will sail with celebrity tattoo artists Steven Tefft, winner of season two of the US show Ink Master; Reese Hilburn, seen on Spike TV’s hit show Tattoo Nightmares Miami; the tattoo artist Bobby Moss and his wife, the leading tattoo model, Heather Moss; and tattoo expert Paul Gambino for a week dedicated to all things ink.

In addition to the opportunity to get inked by these celebrity artists throughout the cruise, the itinerary includes an onboard welcome party with the artists, a tattoo parlour crawl in one of the ports, and contests to win a free tattoo from one of the artists onboard.