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Turkish Airlines rises together with its employees

Turkish Airlines rises together with its employees

Wishing to acknowledge the vital role its staff have played in the airline’s success, Turkish Airlines and project partner Boeing have prepared a surprise for its employees; a new Boeing 737-800 airplane (TC-JHL) decorated with roughly 17,000 photos of those working on behalf of Turkish Airlines in 191 destinations all over the world.

The project gives real meaning to its motto, “Globally Yours” demonstrating that the Turkish Airlines family is always on duty somewhere in the world. The livery, which is the first of its kind ever done, highlights the fact that the airline’s success is due to its global workforce, each person adding his or her own contribution to making Turkish Airlines the respected and celebrated company that it has become.

Turkish Airlines has prepared this project not only for its existing employees also all the employees who worked for the airline in the past years and on behalf of all of those, the General Managers’ photos also took place on the airplane.

The final product was long in the making. Over a period of four months, photos were taken of all employees, which were then passed on to a team of specialist designers who created a picture montage that could be applied to the aircraft. The photos were combined in a distinctly Turkish Seljuk motif that is reminiscent of the interior designs created for our fleet.

Eventually all the photos were incorporated into the final scheme and displayed with the “Globally Yours” tag line, emphasizing both the global and personal aspects of the airline’s operation; overall excellence rendered by one employee at a time. “Globally Yours” motto also displayed on the right side of the entrance of the airplane demonstrating that “The world is our home, you are our quests”.


The completed design was then applied to the aircraft between the 9th and 13th of March 2012, at the Turkish Technic Hangar in Istanbul. 20 Staff were involved in the design’s application. The design was then transferred to sections of adhesive film and applied to an area of over 400 square meters using special aviation products developed for the creation of unique and eye-catching aircraft liveries.

The airplane was introduced and unveiled during a ceremony at the Turkish Technic Hangar on Thursday, March 15th, 2012, an event attended by roughly 1,500 Turkish Airlines’ employees.

After its unveiling, the B-737 will join our working fleet, flying to destinations across the network for approximately one year and displaying the faces of our valued staff to thousands of passengers and observers. We will also have special events across the network to introduce and explain the project to the public.