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Tui Group calls for loosening of restrictions as losses continue

Tui Group calls for loosening of restrictions as losses continue

Tui Group has reported a loss of €670 million for the third quarter of the year.

However, the company has now resumed business activities in all European markets, with cashflow positive for the period.

Tui chief executive, Fritz Joussen, explained: “Our business model and the strong Tui brand remain a successful model and are the guarantee for the successful restart.

“Customer demand and booking momentum remain high as soon as state travel restrictions are withdrawn.

“Where the state gives back normal entrepreneurial freedom, we are very successful – where states intervene and restrict entrepreneurial freedom, these interventions impact bookings.”


He added: “With one and a half million additional bookings since May and a total of more than four million bookings for the summer business, the figures are encouraging.

“Especially in Germany and in the continental European markets, the current booking figures show a high pent-up demand.”

Joussen added he expected the bumper summer figures to become clearer in the fourth quarter results.

The tourism chief also called for the further loosening of travel restrictions.

“In Europe, vaccination offers are available to everyone who wants to be vaccinated, severe disease progressions do not increase noticeably, and the health systems are not overburdened anywhere in Europe,” he said.

“This is a great success of the vaccination campaigns.

“Vaccination protects – vaccinated people are protected and are no longer a significant risk to others.

“Those who are not or hardly at risk should now have their liberties fully restored.

“This is especially true for children and young people, for whom vaccinations are not compulsory.

“Whether one gets vaccinated or not is and remains a personal decision.

“However, a few should not be allowed to permanently set the pace and restrict the everyday life of the majority.”