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Travelport inks full content deal with EL AL

Travelport inks full content deal with EL AL

Travelport and Israeli carrier El Al, today jointly announce a new, multi-year full content agreement.

The agreement assures long-term EL AL full content for all Travelport-connected customers. Travelport and EL AL have deployed a range of ancillary options as part of the on-going progress of Travelport Merchandising Platform.

Travelport-connected agents in UK and Israel can now book excess bag charges, unaccompanied minor, pet in cabin and sports equipment.

EL AL has upgraded to seamless connectivity, the highest level of data transfer, offering EL AL content even faster and more efficiently to the travel agent’s desktop.

David Maimon, El Al’s Vice President Commercial and Industry Affairs, commented: “Travelport is an important distribution partner, thanks to their collaborative approach to partnership. They provide a valuable channel for us to reach key customers and offer a new way for us to grow our sales of optional services.”


“The EL AL agreement is further proof of our commitment to Israel,” explained Shmuel Cohen, Commercial Manager, Israel. “We are delighted to continue partnership with EL AL and give our customers the benefit of their global full content.”