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EL AL Israel Airlines welcomes latest Dreamliner to fleet

EL AL Israel Airlines welcomes latest Dreamliner to fleet

EL AL Israel Airlines has welcomed the arrival of its sixteenth Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The plane landed in Israel earlier after a direct flight from the Boeing factory in Seattle using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The historic flight marks first use of SAF by EL AL and signifies a desire to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Some 30 per cent of the total fuel used in the flight from Seattle to Tel Aviv was SAF.

SAF is chemically similar to traditional fossil jet fuel but is produced from sources such as carbon in the air.


In June, EL AL enlisted in the IATA Environmental Assessment Program (IEnvA), which assesses the commitment of the leading airlines to improving their environmental and sustainability performance. 

Dina Ben Tal Ganancia, chief executive of EL AL Israel Airlines, said: “Welcoming a new Dreamliner jet is always an exciting event for us.

“The historic arrival of our first jet using SAF marks another important milestone in our strategic plan – expanding and renewing our fleet and strengthening our commitment to sustainability.

“We are grateful to Boeing for our long-term partnership, which has helped us provide our customers with the safest and most enjoyable travel experience.”

The new jet can accommodate 238 passengers in three classes – business, premium and economy.

The EL AL Dreamliner fleet now includes four Boeing 787-8 aircraft and 12 787-9 aircraft, which fly to long-haul destinations in North America, Europe and Asia.

Image: EL AL Israel Airlines