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Travellers give back to holiday destinations through new donation scheme

Travellers give back to holiday destinations through new donation scheme, the world’s leading travel agent for responsible holidays is the first travel agent to team up with newly launched TravelPledge -   - the online charity donation scheme for travellers wanting to give back to people and projects in the destinations they have visited.

This new partnership will offer customers the chance to donate money to trusted social and environmental projects in seven popular holiday destinations. will also promote the scheme to its 900+ members (tour operators and hoteliers around the world) to further encourage the take up of the give back scheme among travellers.

TravelPledge screens the projects and facilitates online donations from travellers, adding gift aid when applicable.

Justin Francis, managing director, “This fantastic scheme has my full support. The feedback from travellers we work with is that they are often left moved and inspired by a holiday - whether it be due to encounters with local people, wildlife or social and environmental issues in destinations - they come back home wanting to help in some way. TravelPledge offers them the chance to give something back.”

TravelPledge was set up in 2008 to respond to the increasing number of requests from travellers to be able to contribute financially to charitable social and environmental projects in the destinations they visit. The charity ensures donations are processed effectively and that the greatest amount possible reaches the destination. As a registered charity, it retains zero percent of the consumer money donated to cover its overheads.


Nick Chaffe, director, TravelPledge said: “By working hand in hand with the travel industry and local delivery partners, TravelPledge helps travellers to connect in more rewarding ways to the places they’ve visited. We aim to deliver the most effective give back mechanism for this sector. Our platform enables travellers to choose projects and to donate quickly and easily online. Importantly we will feed back to donors on the completion of each and every project they choose to support.”