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Traveller interest in Japan hits highest levels for 2011

Traveller interest in Japan hits highest levels for 2011

Following reports this week of economic growth for Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami earlier this year, there’s more good news for the country: tourist interest in Japan is at its highest levels so far this year, according to TripAdvisor research*.

Searches for Japan on TripAdvisor have been on the rise since hitting a low in May. In October, Japan searches hit their highest level of the year - and have recovered to the same level as they were at this time in 2010.**

A recent TripAdvisor survey also revealed that the vast majority of British travellers see no issue now in visiting to Japan – 80% of respondents said they would feel safe travelling to the country.***

“Japan is a beautiful country with plenty to offer the discerning traveller,” commented Emma Shaw, TripAdvisor spokesperson.  “We’re happy to see that after such a tough time, tourism interest in the country has recovered and we hope that many travellers are currently planning their trips to Japan.”