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Travel Incorporated rolls out e-Direct Hotel Solution

Travel Incorporated rolls out e-Direct Hotel Solution

Travel Incorporated has unveiled its proprietary eDirect Hotel Solution, the first automated direct hotel billing process that is simple, secure, and efficient for corporate procurement and financial managers. The eDirect Hotel Solution automates the direct bill and fax process for both phone-in and online reservations from start to finish.

Travel Incorporated’s eDirect Hotel Solution eliminates the costly manual element related to the hotel payment process of direct billing to a corporation; rather than placing the onus on the traveler. Hotel bookings can be made by a travel agent or an online booking tool. For security purposes, a temporary authorization code will be generated and active only for the duration of the stay. A credit limit will be assigned based upon a calculated formula associated with the nightly rates of the reserved property. A universal fax template will be transmitted electronically to the hotel in advance of the arrival date. Monthly electronic reporting contains all pertinent data to facilitate the reconciliation process. Additionally, each direct bill transaction is integrated into our proprietary GalaxyNet Enterprise reporting suite for financial management purposes.

“A unique feature of our eDirect Hotel Solution is the empowerment of the traveler to resend the fax to the hotel directly from their travel Itinerary accessible via email or Smartphone,” says Linwood Hayes, CIO of Travel Incorporated. “This ability may be invaluable when a traveler checks in after hours, on weekends, or if the hotel misplaces the original information.”

“From a financial perspective, Travel Incorporated’s eDirect Hotel Solution enhances security and fraud protection,” says CFO, Tina Haney. “Because the fax is sent electronically, there is reduced risk of fraud. Only the room stay and taxes are allowed to be charged. Once the traveler completes their stay, the authorization code becomes null.”