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Trade Union brings innovative new space to east London

Launching in Wapping, east London, Trade Union is a new, innovative space, welcoming a collaboration from some of the city’s most exciting lifestyle brands.

Speciality coffeehouse Vagabond, male grooming leaders Drakes of London and Florist Maua London all have a presence in the new space, which is been specially created by Adam Marshall, founder of Grand Union Bars.

Designed as a new type of lifestyle venue, it brings three of the world’s oldest trades – coffee, grooming and flowers – together in one place.

Situated on Thomas More Square, between St Katherine’s Docks and the new London Docks, Trade Union will act as a playground for discerning Londoners.

Covering 6,700 square feet, the venue also offers hot-desking space, with Wi-Fi and charging ports.

A vibrant hub for the area, be it day or night, Trade Union has been designed by KAI Interiors to allow partners to operate within one wide open space.

Utilising existing industrial design elements to create a sophisticated atmosphere, the central space features a central cocktail bar and bustling kitchen.

The cocktail bar will serve a seasonably changing menu, offering all the classics alongside some modern favourites.

Bushwick Pizza Co. will also serve up a selection of oven‐fresh sourdough pizzas.