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The “Rome to Expo Milano 2015” protocol is signed

The “Rome to Expo Milano 2015” protocol is signed

Rome is an exceptional showcase, a unique choice of place that will ensure the widest possible promotion of Expo 2015 and an involvement of the general public, thanks to its central role in tourism and of course its international spirit, reinforced by the presence of Embassies and Cultural Institutes.

“Rome to Expo Milano 2015” is under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, with the participation of the Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism, in collaboration with the Airports of Rome. Overall coordination is being managed by Zètema Culture Project Organizing and Comunicare Organizzando.

The commitment of Roma Capitale, in view of Expo Milano 2015, is to provide a unified design and an organic project jointly developed with the Lazio Region and the Regional Union of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handcrafts and Agriculture of Lazio. Roma Capitale and the Lazio Region will be featured at the Italian Pavilion.

The initiative sees the involvement of a number of locations within the city. The exhibition spaces involved in the project will be: the Ara Pacis Museum, housing one of the finest examples of classical art; the National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II (the Brasini Wing), visited by more than a million people every year, and Fiumicino Airport (Terminal 3), a central hub for tourism in Rome and Italy. Here will be exhibitions, conferences and events dedicated to the Countries taking part.

Participants will be able to address the theme on their own Pavilion for the Universal Exposition and also present themselves in an original way, highlighting their points of excellence.


Another focal point of the project will be devoted to information on matters of Expo Milano 2015 through islands and banners with special promos and multilingual information material that will be set up in an extremely diverse range of places, from the historic center to the outskirts of Rome. In particular:

• in the nine Tourist Information Points of the city - operating 365 days a year tourists, and providing information in five languages ​​- that have become the main reference point for Italian and foreign visitors to Rome.

• at Fiumicino Airport where in just the first five months of 2014 nearly 14 million passengers have passed through;

• at Ciampino Airport, home to a growing number of travelers (nearly 2 million in the first five months of 2014);

• in Rome’s Civic Museum Network, with its collection of museums and archaeological sites, welcoming visitors from all over the world;

• at the National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, located in the heart of the city and one of Rome’s most popular and extraordinary sites;

• in the network of Libraries spread throughout the city in 28 locations;

• in Cultural Centres of suburbs in areas with very high density population, namely, Laurentino 38, San Basilio and Via Tiburtina;

• in the City’s youth clubs - Casina di Raffaello and Technotown - with the aim of increasing awareness among children and young people of the Expo themes.