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The Kingsmills Hotel In Inverness Celebrates Gold Sustainable Accreditation from Green Tourism

The Kingsmills Hotel In Inverness Celebrates Gold Sustainable Accreditation from Green Tourism

Kingsmills Hotel, a distinguished member of the prestigious WorldHotels collection and a leader in luxury hospitality in Inverness, proudly announces its attainment of the prestigious Gold Accreditation from Green Tourism, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards Net Zero.
Announcing its detailed ‘Treading Lightly’ action plan, the Kingsmills Hotel joins sister hotel Ness Walk in leading the charge in sustainable tourism. Partnering with Green Tourism, the independently owned and operated hotels are on a mission to inspire change within the team, suppliers, community and the tourism sector as a whole.

For Kingsmills Hotel, the protection of the environment has been a guiding principle for many years. Today, it proudly announces the unveiling of its new action plan, community-inspired and geared towards furthering its commitment to sustainability. Changes implemented reflect its dedication to protecting and enhancing the environment, with initiatives including promoting local sourcing, the addition of EV charging stations, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the region to meticulous energy and waste management.

Community spirit is deeply woven in the fabric of the business. Supporting charity causes has been a core part of the companies ethos, with the hotel having raised an impressive £630,000 for its key charity partners. And the ambition doesn’t stop there; the Kingsmills team remains steadfast in their commitment to contributing positively, aiming to further bolster its fundraising for 2024 with a calendar of events celebrating local charities to reach even more people in need.

Collaboration has been central to the hotel’s sustainability journey - with partners, suppliers, and the local community. By championing local businesses, fostering collaborative solutions, and working together towards shared goals, the Kingsmills Hotel, a proud member of WorldHotels, is paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient future.

Included in its thorough sustainability policies are the hotels plans to achieve Net Zero emissions. While plans, actions and ambitions are ever-evolving in line with awareness, education and the ever-changing landscape of sustainability, the team’s ambition remains constant.


Tony Story CEO, says “We are delighted to receive the Gold Accreditation from Green Tourism, the entire hotel team has been involved from start to finish on this one and I thank everyone most sincerely for the hours of painstaking work that has gone into examining and re-examining our practices to make sure that we are as ‘good’ as we can be in this field.” “We all recognise the absolute need for ever greater effort to reduce our carbon consumption and our efforts will not stop with this award as grateful as we are for the recognition that it demonstrates.”

The hotel’s comprehensive action plan titled ‘Treading Lightly,’ encompasses every aspect of the guest journey and showcases the positive choices made to align with the overarching Green Policy.

At Kingsmills, as a cherished member of WorldHotels, guests are invited to immerse themselves in the Scottish Highlands culture, knowing that their stay supports the local community and doesn’t come at a cost to the environment.