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The Canary Islands, a Benchmark Destination for LGBTQ+ Tourists

The Canary Islands, a Benchmark Destination for LGBTQ+ Tourists

The Canary Islands welcomes approximately 450,000 LGBTQ+ tourists annually, representing 2.7% of the total tourists to the islands. This accounts for over 5.4% of the tourism revenue and generated a turnover of €960 million in 2022. 

LGBTQ+ visitors contribute four times more expenditure to the destination compared to the average traveller, and accommodations designed for this community boast higher occupancy and profitability rates. Notably, the predominant nationalities among LGBTQ+ travellers to the Canary Islands are British, Spanish, and German.

“A Climate of Pride” was created to strengthen the positioning of the Canary Islands as an LGBTQ+ friendly tourist destination and to raise awareness of the relationship shared between locals and this community. Through a curated video piece reflecting the open atmosphere and inclusive nature of the archipelago’s people, the Canary Islands aim to establish the archipelago as the main tourist destination for this community and to continue attracting more LGBTQ+ tourists.

After an investment of €800,000, the campaign video was released in five European markets from November 13th, including Spain (excluding the Canary Islands) until November 30th, and the UK, Germany, France, and Italy until December 10th. With this initiative, the Canary Islands reaffirm their status as an inclusive and welcoming destination for diversity. 

The Best Climate in the World


The “A Climate of Pride” campaign highlights the Canary Islands’ pride not only in their subtropical climate but also in the atmosphere created by Canarians for foreign visitors. Through this campaign, the aim is to reach a target audience with a high inclination for travel and the means to support it.

Offering an irresistible blend of sandy beaches and warm weather, the Canary Islands have stood as a celebrated destination for the LGBTQ+ community for more than five decades. Read more about the top LGBTQ+ friendly beaches here.

Canary Islands, the Preferred Destination for the LGBTQ+ Community

The islands feature accommodations, venues, nightlife, and a plethora of events specifically tailored to the LGBTQ+ community, with Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés in San Bartolomé de Tirajana earning local recognition as the LGBTQ+ entertainment hubs of Europe.

In the town of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, the Maspalomas Pride festival is celebrated over 10 days, generating €150 million in revenue, and drawing a crowd of over 200,000 people. This event is the first Pride event in the European calendar and is enjoyed by both locals and travelers alike.

Other LGBTQ+ events in Maspalomas include Winter Pride Maspalomas, and the Drag Queen Gala. It is an area with a high concentration of LGBTQ+-friendly accommodations and entertainment venues including the Yumbo Centre, the world’s first shopping center designed for the community, with over 200 establishments.

In addition to Maspalomas, Gran Canaria has several gay-friendly beaches, such as Montaña Arena, Las Canteras Beach, or Playa del Inglés, as well as Corralejo, Sotavento, or Cofete in Fuerteventura, and Tejita Beach in Tenerife.

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