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THAI develops comprehensive IT technology for competitive advantage

THAI develops comprehensive IT technology for competitive advantage

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) organized the first IT seminar, called ‘THAI IT Transformation 2011,’ supported by 12 leading IT business partners at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center to promote the Company’s IT potential and services as well as to build confidence in service quality of international standards. The changing market dynamics, emerging new technologies and increasing operating costs combine to drive THAI’s requirement for an IT transformation strategy that would optimize the IT infrastructure. THAI is moving forward towards an IT transformation plan for competitive advantage to further boost its world-class service standards.

Mr. Piyasvasti Amranand , THAI President, said the seminar was the beginning of major efforts to transform IT to ensure that THAI remains competitive in the industry. Recently, THAI developed and launched E & M services, which was a major achievement for greater convenience for customers. 

The Company will make adjustments, not only to the work processes but THAI will continue to develop and improve its products and services to remain competitive. Mr. Amranand further stated that THAI will have to change its mind-set and work attitudes in alignment with the company’s nine strategies, which place great importance on “Communication Technologies,” as IT is considered the driving force behind management, work processes and areas of service developments.

Other THAI management driving the IT development and on hand to share their views were Mr. Chokchai Panyayong , THAI Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development , and Mrs. Jirawan Chiasakul , THAI Vice President, IT Services Department. The event included activity booths, organized by THAI IT and business partners showcasing THAI IT solutions and partners’ solutions/technologies related to THAI. 

The IT transformation is a major undertaking by THAI to conform to the strategic plan of THAI.  It is expected that this seminar will provide a forum for exchange and to share knowledge on information and communication technologies with Business Alliances and IT management from various Government and State Enterprises and private organizations.