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Suicide bomber kills seven Israeli tourists in Bulgaria

Suicide bomber kills seven Israeli tourists in Bulgaria The incident happened close to Burgas Airport

An explosion onboard an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria was likely carried out by a suicide bomber officials have confirmed.

As many as seven people were killed in the attack, with over 30 more injured when the bus exploded at Burgas Airport, by the Black Sea.

Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak said Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, was the perpetrator of the attack.

Barak claimed the terrorist group was acting under instruction from Iran.

Five tourists died along with the Bulgarian bus driver and the suspected bomber.

Barak added the attack resembled several recent attempted attacks on Israeli targets.

Attempts have been stopped in India, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Kenya and Cyprus, he said.

Bulgaria is a popular tourist destination for Israelis.

Bulgarian minister of tourism Delian Dobrev was quick to highlight the isolated nature of the incident, saying Israelis were safe in the country. 
“Thirty minutes after the bomb explosion all hotels in which there are tourists from Israel the police forces had strengthen their numbers,” he explained.

“Tourists said they feel safe, and that they enjoyed their vocation in Bulgaria and that they would like to come back again next year.”