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STM announces unveiling of the model for the new MPM-10 métro cars

STM announces unveiling of the model for the new MPM-10 métro cars

“This project is essential for the growth of public transit and the free flow of people in the greater Montréal area. It is progressing well, and everything indicates that we will be able to proceed with the gradual replacement of the 1st generation cars as of 2014. The models presented today demonstrate that the final product that will be put into service for users is one of great quality. I am even prouder that the realization of this project will enable us to maximize the economic effects for Quebec to the benefit of hundreds of local workers,” commented Mr. Pierre Moreau, Quebec’s Transport Minister.

“Today we are seeing that the project for the new métro cars, which was until very recently just an idea on paper, is now taking form. It’s good news for Montrealers who will have the pleasure of using them as of 2014. Modernizing our métro network and increasing its reliability, capacity and comfort were all part of the objectives set in our Transportation Plan. The arrival of the new métro cars confirms our commitment to promote public transit,” stated the Mayor of Montréal.

“Created during the preliminary concept stage that ended in the summer of 2011, these models of the operator’s cab and passenger compartment reflect the work accomplished to date and indicate that the project is progressing according to schedule. These full-scale models provide an excellent idea of the interior layout. They were also used for consultations with clients, employees from various sectors of the company as well as people with functional limitations so as to ensure that they meet the specific needs of each. For example, some 1 800 people tested the seats at the Berri-UQAM station, and more than 30 000 people participated in the selection of the exterior finish,” declared Mr. Labrecque.

Invaluable contributors to the design of the new cars
The cars will be built by the Bombardier-Alstom Consortium. LABBE Designers Inc. handled the industrial design for the MPM-10 by proposing overall concepts for their interior layout and external appearance including the interior colour scheme as well as the layout of the passenger compartment, the operator’s cab, the inter-circulation module and the areas designated for people with reduced mobility. The company also saw to the train’s exterior design, took part in the design of the lighting, ventilation, seating and support bars and handled the integration of the emergency equipment and communications systems. As well, It carried out various ergonomic studies, particularly with regard to the operator’s driving position and field of vision.



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