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Social media travel site launches

Social media travel site launches

Paul Stanyer, founder and former CEO of Holiday Taxis has launched a new social media website which aims to change the way people prepare for their holidays.

‘Hang out on Holiday’ has been created to allow those going on holiday to search for and interact with others going to the same place at the same time, before they travel. 

Commenting, Stanyer said, “People of the 18 – 35 age group tend to go on holiday for 3 main reasons, to get a sun tan, to get drunk and to meet and have fun with people of the same or opposite sex. Up until now you have to wait until you get to resort to start the process of meeting new people.”

“Hang out on Holiday allows you to see who is going, get a brief profile and then choose to interact where the communication stays only between the individuals. You don’t have to respond to a request to hook up with or hang out with anyone who you don’t like the look of.  Put simply, the new site allows you to check out your fellow travellers, before you check in for your holiday.”

‘Hang Out’ allows the process of ‘hooking’ up with people prior to travel thus starting the holiday fun and banter the moment you have booked, enabling them to socialise through this, or other, social media sites. There is also an alert system that advises when new members have registered and are going to the same place as you.


Those that haven’t yet decided where to travel can still register on the site and are placed in the Departure Lounge with others in the same boat. Once they have booked it takes seconds to update their details.

An online diary system allows members to see what is happening in their resort at the time they are staying as well as providing access to a range of benefits including discounted club tickets and the latest resort news.

The site currently features 40 resorts and is updated regularly with new additions. The site will be tailored for user groups such as skiers, festival goers, and surfers etc. to enable easy access to like-minded travellers.

Stanyer is also planning to work with B2B partners to advertise any distressed stock or offers they may wish to channel through to those who haven’t yet booked.