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Sochi Airport prepares for Russian Grand Prix

Basel Aer, a part of Russia’s largest industrial diversified group Basic Element, has said Sochi International Airport, a main gateway to the upcoming Formula One Russian Grand Prix, is planning to serve over 100,000 arriving and departing passengers before October 12th.

Sochi International Airport is expecting to serve over 100,000 arriving and departing passengers from 30 countries on board over 650 flights including more than 70 charter flights from Great Britain, Italy, UAE, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Slovakia, Thailand, Bahrain and Turkey.

On peak days, October 7th-9th, Sochi Airport will greet Formula One drivers including Williams’s Felipe Massa, four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel, a double World Champion Fernando Alonso who is currently racing for McLaren-Honda as well as a three times F1 World Champion Niki Lauda, now Mercedes AMG sports manager.

Three days before the start of the F1 race, the guests are arriving to Sochi via direct flights from all over the world.


Leonid Sergeyev, Basel Aero chief executive: “We’re again facing a challenging task to serve guests and participants of Formula One Russian Grand Prix at the highest level.

“It’s the second year of the F1 race in Sochi when the airport tests its operational team and services.

“Thanks to the airport’s Olympic experience, we’ve got all the operations running smoothly here.

“For the upcoming peak periods, we’ll engage staff from other Basel Aero’s airports in Krasnodar, Anapa and Gelendzhik.”

On Monday, 235 organisers of the race landed in Sochi on-board a flight from British Luton.

Today, the airport is expecting to welcome 169 passengers from Ferrari team on-board a plane from Bologna.

On September 29th, two cargo jets carrying Formula One TV equipment and race cars arrived at the Sochi International Airport on0board AirBridgeCargo aircraft.

Four more AirBridgeCargo and Nippon Cargo Airlines jets landed in Sochi on September 30th and October 1st.

One more Qatar Airways cargo aircraft en-route from Milan is expected to ship 25 tons of racing equipment today.

Formula One Russian Grand Prix will take place in Olympic Park on October 11th.