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Small Luxury Hotels launches iPhone app

Small Luxury Hotels launches iPhone app

Money-rich but time-poor? In search the finest independent hotels around the globe? Well, Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) has just the thing to bring luxury to the palm of your hand.

Launching a new, free iPhone application, SLH is encouraging guests to Discover, Enjoy and Share the 500 plus superb properties offered under the brand’s umbrella - anywhere, at any time.

Supported by rich imagery and information, customers will easily be able to book any hotel and share their favourite choices with friends and family – all with the simple touch of a button.

“The free iPhone app was developed with our guests’ needs and wants expressly in mind,” explained SLH chief executive Paul Kerr (pictured).

“It provides a highly flexible and easy way to search, browse and book a hotel while on the go.”

The SLH app also helps find nearby points of interest, including tourist attractions and other rich cultural and culinary experiences through the augmented reality function.

Designed by SLH’s digital partner – Fortune Cookie - there are three main iPhone app functionalities:

Discover: Allows iPhone users to browse and book their luxury hotel, through various search categories such as destination, specific experiences or the latest special offers for a quick getaway.

Whether customers are seeking a blissful spa retreat, a secluded beachside escape or a sanctuary hidden amid the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling city centre, it is now all available from the iPhone.

Enjoy: Search for points of interest near to your hotel as you walk the streets using an augmented reality layer which delivers expert personal recommendations from SLH.

Share: Enables a shortlist of favourite SLH hotels and experiences to be shared with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. 

Justin Cooke of Fortune Cookie added: “We have designed the SLH iPhone application to allow SLH guests to engage with SLH at every stage of their journey – finding the right property to suit their needs, using the app to enhance their experience while staying at the property and of course, sharing the experience when they return.”

SLH’s iPhone app also works on the iPod Touch and will be available as a free download from the Apple Apps Store from March.