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Sky Lagoon, a holistic approach to sustainability

Although small in size, Iceland is a formidable world leader in harnessing clean, renewable energy. The tiny island generates its power from just two sustainable sources: hydropower, drawn from waterways and glaciers; and geothermal, which is fueled by the country’s 600 natural hot springs. The latter is what heats almost every home in Iceland. Soaking in the warm, healing, mineral-rich geothermal water is also a beloved Icelandic tradition, and Sky Lagoon harnesses the full potential of this natural energy source.

“Growing up in Iceland you are very connected to nature. Sky Lagoon is embracing the nature of Iceland,” said Gestur Thorisson, founding partner along with Eythor Gudjonsson. “Icelanders understand the importance of living in a sustainable way. It came naturally to us to keep sustainability at the heart of the design and construction of Sky Lagoon.”

Achieving Sky Lagoon’s eco-friendly, award-winning architectural design required meticulous planning, including in-depth consultation with local industry experts. It took a holistic approach to the build and launch, analysing every element of construction, spa operations and the food and beverage programme. Clean, renewable energy is, of course, central to Sky Lagoon’s sustainability strategy, and the facility reuses, reduces and recycles it wherever possible.