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Sheybarah Island resort will be one of the most luxurious hotels in the Middle East

Sheybarah Island resort will be one of the most luxurious hotels in the Middle East

Sheybarah Island and its Sheybarah Resort will be one of the most luxurious destinations in the Middle East, according to its designer, Shaun Killa of Killa Designs.
He said: “This is probably the most magnificent island in the Red Sea development. The brief for Sheybarah was to create an ultra-luxury eco-resort. We’re almost making the villas disappear, they will reflect the sky and the sea constantly.

“Ultimately, this resort will be one of the highest luxury resorts in the region and has the credibility of being completely and utterly self-generating via the sun.”

Sheybarah Island is an upcoming destination in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea gigaproject, set to redefine luxury and sustainability in the hospitality industry. The island’s centerpiece is the Sheybarah Resort, a futuristic hotel that is scheduled to open its doors in 2024. Designed by Killa Design, the architectural firm behind Dubai’s Museum of the Future, the resort aims to be a benchmark for regenerative developments and promote sustainable design in every aspect of its environment.

One of the standout features of Sheybarah Resort is its metal orb villas, which give it a futuristic appearance.

The sustainability efforts of Sheybarah Resort are commendable. The entire property is designed to be off-grid and operate on renewable energy sources. A centralised solar farm powers the resort, ensuring that it operates as a zero-energy establishment. Additionally, fresh water is supplied through a solar-powered desalination plant, minimising the resort’s ecological impact. Waste materials are recycled on the island, reducing the need for external transportation and minimising the resort’s carbon footprint.


As one of the 50 hotels planned for the Red Sea gigaproject, Sheybarah Resort aims to be among the most luxurious options available. Notable hotel brands such as St. Regis, Six Senses, Jumeirah, Raffles, and SLS will also be part of this prestigious destination. However, Sheybarah Resort stands out as a property that could potentially become Red Sea Global’s own hotel brand. CEO John Pagano has expressed the need for creating separate one-off projects that align with the resort’s visionary design, rather than trying to fit it into existing brand standards. These special projects will comprise only a small portion, approximately 10 percent, of the overall destination.

Sheybarah Resort is poised to revolutionise the concept of luxury and sustainability in the hospitality industry. With its futuristic metal orb villas, renewable energy usage, and commitment to regenerative development, the resort promises an extraordinary and environmentally conscious experience for its guests. As the Red Sea gigaproject continues to unfold, Sheybarah Resort stands as a testament to the innovative and ambitious vision driving this remarkable destination.

Source: Hotelier Middle East