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Seera seeks to send Saudi travellers to Disneyland Paris

Seera seeks to send Saudi travellers to Disneyland Paris

Seera Group has joined hands with Disneyland Paris to further strengthen travel demand from Saudi Arabia.

With this new alliance, Seera is now a general sales agent for Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC as well as North Africa, Lebanon and Jordan.

Seera will sell Disney packages that include hotel accommodation and park entry across all its platforms, including corporate and government travel platforms.

Seera will also create customised packages covering flight and ancillary products to create added value for its customers.


Abdullah Bin Nasser Aldawood, chief executive, Seera Group, said: “At Seera, our customers are at the heart of our business, and we are committed to offering them the widest range of services to enhance their holiday experiences.

“We are constantly evolving our product offering in line with the needs of the regional travel market.

“In addition to driving continuous innovation, we work with global leaders to unlock new opportunities to offer added value for our customers.

“Our partnership with Disneyland Paris is designed to make unforgettable memories for family visitors from the region.”

With this partnership, Seera aims to broaden the range of properties and holiday packages that are available in Paris, one of the top ten destinations of Saudi travellers, according to Seera group data.

Brigid McDonnell, head of sales, Disney Destinations International, said: “Every year, we create Disney Memories that will last a lifetime for guests coming from different horizons, and we are so pleased to develop our new partnership with Seera to give this opportunity to the many Saudi families eager to visit us.”

Seera Group is considered Saudi Arabia’s Leading Business Travel Agency by voters at the World Travel Awards.