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Sedona brings its tourism charm to the ICTP

Sedona brings its tourism charm to the ICTP

The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) announced that the Sedona Chamber of Commerce&Tourism Bureau of Arizona, has joined as a destination member from the USA. The core industry and economic generator in Sedona is tourism. Tourism has dynamic direct and indirect effects on each and every business and person in Sedona. The Sedona Chamber’s Tourism Bureau has been the leading marketing organization responsible for generating overnight visitation to enhance the vitality of its economy. Its Visitors Center serves more than 400,000 visitors per year.

Often called “Red Rock Country” Sedona is a four seasons playground for visitors - whether you’re into history and archaeology; arts and culture; shopping; outdoor sports; or the spiritual and metaphysical, imagine doing all this in a backdrop of some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

The collection of Sedona’s impressive, natural endowments includes the 1.8 million-acre Coconino National Forest, which surrounds the city and encompasses 7 intriguing wilderness areas. Obviously, the list of Sedona sightseeing and Sedona recreational amenities, including state parks and national monuments, is extensive.

Along with its myriad geological features, many tourists relate Sedona’s exceptional charm to the fact that they can conveniently spend a day hiking, horseback riding, touring, or bouncing in a Jeep on trails and dirt roads that crisscross this area, and then enjoy the comfort of deluxe Sedona hotels, country inns, and prestigious resorts at night. Indeed, the paradox and enchantment of Sedona are the luxurious hotels, motels and resorts, bed&breakfast establishments, unique shops, impressive art galleries, performing arts, and fine restaurants all nestled in a rugged canyon surrounded by national forest.

“The Sedona Chamber of Commerce has been the voice of business for the Sedona area for over 50 years,” said Juergen T. Steinmetz, ICTP Chairman, “The chamber encourages businesses to employ green business practices, knowing there is a direct connection between quality green growth and the quality of life. We are pleased to have Sedona join ICTP.”