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Second black box recorder located following Germanwings crash

Second black box recorder located following Germanwings crash

Investigators have located the second flight recorder from Germanwings flight 4U9525 which crashed in southern France last week.

The first, voice recorder was found shortly after the crash on March 24th.

Specialists will now seek to piece together evidence from both data recorders to understand what caused the Airbus A320 to come down in the French Alps.

Recordings taken from the first ‘black box’ suggested co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had deliberately crashed the plane, with the loss of 150 lives.

The news of the discovery of the voice recorder comes as it is also reveal Lubitz, who had a history of depression, had researched suicide and the mechanisms securing cabin doors.


The plane had been on route from Barcelona to Düsseldorf when it came down in clear weather.

Details from the newly recovered flight data recorder are seen as essential to the investigation into the crash.

The device contains data on the time of radio transmissions, acceleration of the aircraft, airspeed, altitude and direction.