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SeaWorld® Yas Island, Abu Dhabi’s interactive submersible brings an ocean of fun to students

SeaWorld® Yas Island, Abu Dhabi’s interactive submersible brings an ocean of fun to students

SeaWorld® Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, the region’s first Marine Life Theme Park, introduced an innovative and immersive activation that aims to inspire and educate young minds. In a creative endeavor to drive interest and promote education about marine life, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi brought its miniature submersible to Yas American Academy on Yas Island.
Offering a unique experience designed to engage students, the submersible is equipped with an educational component, allowing participants to embark on a simulated underwater adventure right within their school’s courtyard. Up to six children can board the submersible at a time for a five-minute journey filled with excitement and learning.

The activation featured an impressive sound and light show, simulating a dive into the depths of the ocean. A large screen within the submersible displayed mesmerizing underwater scenes, showcasing various marine life species swimming past. Four SeaWorld Abu Dhabi educators guided the students, inviting them to become part of the explorer crew. Interactive touch screens provided an opportunity to learn fun facts about the diverse species they will encounter at the Marine Life Theme Park.

“We believe in fostering curiosity and passion for marine life from a young age. The submersible is an immersive way to ignite this interest and encourage learning about marine ecosystems,” said Thomas Kaferle, General Manager at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

Chris Nourse, Principal at Yas American Academy, said: “This immersive adventure served as a valuable educational experience that offered Yas American Academy students a profound insight into the world of marine life. Through this activation, students not only deepened their understanding of the diverse marine ecosystems but also developed a heightened sense of environmental stewardship, recognising the vital importance of marine conservation. This initiative aligns with Aldar Education’s overarching goal of nurturing responsible global citizens and resonates with Yas American Academy’s commitment to providing a holistic and high-quality education that extends beyond the confines of a traditional classroom.”

Additionally, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi has distributed educational puzzles to participating students.


As part of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s aim to spread the love and care for marine life across people of all ages, the submersible experience is designed to inspire, educate and build anticipation for the oceanic adventure that guests can experience at the region’s first Marine Life Theme Park.
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