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ScotRail statement on alcohol ban

ScotRail statement on alcohol ban

ScotRail has welcomed the public response to the introduction of its alcohol ban on its trains between 9pm and 10am. There were no arrests linked to railway byelaws on intoxication or possession of intoxicating liquor.

The ban, which came into force on Friday 20 July, is in response to concerns from the travelling public about anti-social behaviour on trains and calls from the Scottish Government for action.

The train operator said it is taking a softly softly approach in the first fortnight, which affects all trains and stations, with the exception of the Caledonian Sleeper.

Steve Montgomery, ScotRail’s managing director, said: “The introduction went well, and I thank customers for their support in sending out a clear message that anti-social behaviour on trains and at stations is unacceptable.”

He added that the first fortnight will further focus on education and awareness of the ban, designed to prevent a small minority having a disproportionate negative impact on the majority of passengers.


Yesterday, a monitoring service which collates collates tweets, links, posters’ influence and number of followers, found the following tweet as its ‘top story’ on ScotRail was: “Thank’s from one of the silent slightly intimidated majority.”

ScotRail stressed that customers’ bags will not be searched before or during their journeys, and is using existing railway byelaws as the most expedient way to introduce the crackdown on anti-social behaviour and that it expects customers to be able to travel in a safe, friendly environment and not have journeys disrupted.

Last orders’ will apply on trains with catering services. Alcohol will not be sold from 8.30pm and customers will be asked to finish any alcoholic drinks by 9pm.

BTP will be alerted if passengers refuse to leave after being declined access to trains or if behaviour causes concern to train crew or customers during a journey.