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ICTP welcomes Bangladesh International hotel association

ICTP welcomes Bangladesh International hotel association

The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) welcomed the Bangladesh International Hotel Association (BIHA) as a destination member. Established in 1980, the Hotel Association of Bangladesh is the apex organization of the Bangladeshi hospitality industry. With its membership extending from the major hotel groups; boutique hotels; heritage hotels; large, medium-sized, and smaller hotels, it represents the entire spectrum of the industry.

BIHA’s mission is to facilitate the full potential of Bangladesh’s hotel and tourism industry by raising a concerted voice to make a conductive environment for the growth of this sector. BIHA aims at serving its members by fulfilling their needs and building partnerships in a socially-responsible and sustainable manner. BIHA envisions itself to become the national driving force to achieve a world-class, vibrant hotel industry with the private sector leadership, which will fuel the country’s development.

ICTP Chairman Juergen T. Steinmetz said: “Hospitality will become one of the largest industries for Bangladesh and could generate additional jobs across the country if it can organize the sector and address its issues properly. ICTP’s membership base can help BHIA in their efforts through networking and increasing awareness.”

Realizing the job creation potential of the industry, BIHA will raise awareness across government, media, and the general public of the importance of hotel industry and the crucial role it will play in Bangladesh’s economy. The Bangladesh International Hotel Association is working to secure for the hotel industry its due place in Bangladesh’s economy and project its role as a contributor to employment generation and sustainable economic and social development. It strives to highlight its crucial role in service to the tourism industry as the largest net foreign exchange earner, and to help raise the standards of hoteliering, and to build an image for this industry both within and outside the country.