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Scandinavian Sustainable Building Tour with ICEHOTEL Experience

Scandinavian Sustainable Building Tour with ICEHOTEL Experience

Travel operator and Nordic specialist 50 Degrees North has just released an adventure to Scandinavia to study some of the sustainable dwelling projects in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, as well as experiencing close up the building process of the ICEHOTEL up north in Swedish Lapland.

This 16 day escorted trip is designed for builders, architects and developers to get a greater understanding of some of the sustainable building techniques used in the Scandinavian countries. Denmark and Sweden have both shown remarkable results in raising energy efficiency through projects focusing on the insulation of dwellings.

The itinerary is loosely organised to cater for different needs, and free time is allocated to visit various different projects along the way. Towards the end of the two week adventure clients will enjoy a 3 night stay in the Lofoten Islands with opportunities to partake in some adventurous activities such as fishing, wildlife safaris, kayaking, skiing and ocean rafting.

The tour is escorted by Leif Falk, the Swedish Founder of Scandinavian Workwear, which supplies the building industry with quality work wear tested in most demanding workplaces in Arctic Sweden and in sunburnt Australia. Leif has got an extensive contact network in the building industry both in Australia and in Scandinavia, which will help get behind the shining surfaces of readymade buildings.

The group will experience how the sustainable dwellings of the future are built today - in Scandinavia.


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