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SAS rolls out new communication concept

SAS rolls out new communication concept

“Journeys That Matter” is the name of SAS’ new communication concept, which is launched through a new advertising campaign today. The campaign highlights the importance of traveling and represents SAS’ first brand campaign since 2020.
The new communication concept is based on a new brand platform, which is being launched alongside an updated identity.

“We are Travelers” was introduced eight years ago and has proved to be extremely successful. A changed world has led to new travel patterns, which have seen the target group grow from primarily consisting of business travelers to include the expanding leisure market. The new communication concept speaks to this new, wider target group.

“Traveling gives us new perspectives, experiences and lifelong memories. The reasons why people travel are as diverse as the passengers who board each and every aircraft. Here at SAS, we know how important each journey is for our individual customers. That is why our employees do their very best to ensure that every aspect of the customer journey is as good as it possibly can be. Aviation plays a vital role for both individuals and society at large; something that we want to emphasize,” says Karin Nyman, Director of Communications at SAS.

Together with the brand and design agency Bold, SAS has revised and updated its visual identity. The distinct core has been retained, and new warm and personal elements have been added. People are given a more prominent place in in the new image style.

SAS has worked with Åkestam Holst, Bold and The North Alliance since 2013.


“It is a privilege to be part of SAS’ continued journey and yet again revitalize one of Scandinavia’s most iconic brands. SAS is The North Alliance’s founding client and we have been working together for many years to create exponential value for both the brand and the company, with the concept and identity demonstrably playing a vital role. It is now time to repeat the process, although both market and the outside world have changed,” says Jenny Kaiser, CEO of Åkestam Holst NoA.

“Our goal has been to create a strong emotional bond between SAS and its travelers, and an identity which with strong recognition signals quality, care and warmth. In addition to visual components such as a new, specially developed font, colors, images, and layout system, we have also developed new concepts for motion and sound. We are extremely proud of our almost ten-year partnership with SAS and the fact that we have once again been entrusted with renewing their brand,” says Oskar Lübeck, founder and Chief Creative Officer at Bold.