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Sandals teams up with National Geographic Society for dive course

Sandals teams up with National Geographic Society for dive course

Sandals Resorts has teamed up with the National Geographic Society, a United States-based non-profit scientific and educational institution, to invite guests to dive into its new PADI National Geographic Diver Course. 

The new specialty programme, scheduled to roll out at all Sandals and Beaches resorts across the Caribbean in the coming months, is a collaborative effort with National Geographic and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

It represents a new era of dive exploration and education. 

The programme allows guests to experience the underwater world like a true scientific explorer.
With state-of-the-art Jacques Custeau SCUBA pro-equipment and highly trained dive instructors, the PADI

National Geographic Diver Certification Course will take divers at Sandals and Beaches resorts on a journey beyond simple recreation and allow them to think, observe and document their observations in a similar manner to those who dive for science and discovery. 

Divers will be trained to:

  • Observe their surroundings for the most meaningful diving experience.
  • Adopt improved underwater navigation techniques using both compass headings and natural references.
  • Prepare for and aid the completion of an exploration dive that includes information gathering and image collection for visual representation of the dive site.
  • Identify local aquatic life which includes aquatic animals and plants.

All divers from entry level to professionals qualify for the National Geographic Diver Course and all medical requirements are considered. 

The minimum age for participation in the PADI National Geographic Diver Course is ten years.

Michael Clarke, head of the WaterSports Division at Sandals Resorts was pleased to note the new collaborative effort.

“This dive programme represents a further extension of our core belief in raising awareness of environmental preservation principles.

“The PADI National Geographic course will give our customers not only a diving trip but a learning adventure, leading to preserving the Caribbean’s marine life to better conserve for the future,” Clarke added.

PADI National Geographic programmes are offered at PADI Five Star Dive Centres and Gold Palm Resorts throughout the world that qualify as a PADI National Geographic Dive Centres. 

Sandals Resorts’ diving programme includes dives in over 29 sites across the Caribbean with state-of-the-art pro equipment and guided exploration tours provided.

Sandals is recognised as the Caribbean’s Leading Hotel Brand by the prestigious World Travel Awards.