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Sandals Resorts to refund Hurricane Sandy costs to holidaymakers

Sandals Resorts to refund Hurricane Sandy costs to holidaymakers

Sandals Resorts has announced it is easing the disappointment of guests affected by Hurricane Sandy by refunding the disrupted section of their stay.

The gesture was made after a number of the company’s resorts suffered damage in the wake of Hurricane Sandy resulting in the temporary suspension of arrivals to Sandals Grande Riviera in Ocho Rios and the delayed reopening of Beaches Ocho Rios.

There was also widespread landscaping damage in the Bahamas, where the hurricane passed as a category two with wind speeds of over 100mph.

Gordon “Butch” Stewart, chairman of Sandals Resorts International said: “We pride ourselves on the high level of investment we make in our resorts to ensure that they’re the best around.

“The most luxurious rooms and suites, the greatest restaurants, bars and cafés and stunning pools and much more all coupled with nature’s finest beaches and gardens.

“When one experiences a storm like this which causes the kind of damage it has, its limits the guest experience and that is totally unacceptable in our eyes.”

“Take the case of Sandals Grande Riviera. We have just invested over $60m turning it into the envy of the industry.

“Within 24 hours, our team has had their ability to provide a high level of service severely impacted and our loyal guests deserve better.

“We gave them the choice to remain and enjoy what parts of the resort were unaffected or pick up their holiday in Montego Bay or Whitehouse as well as credit nights. Obviously the storm is no one’s fault but this decision, while costly, is absolutely the proper thing to do and our guests appreciate it wholeheartedly.

“There’s no way they should be the ones to lose out and we’re not taking anyone’s money if they’re not getting what they paid for.”

Stewart continued: “In this day and age, people work long and hard so they can afford to take holidays such as ours and when they experience any less than the best, it’s just not right, regardless of whether it’s an act of nature or not.

“This gesture simply says: “We want you to experience the best; sadly we can’t offer that now but enjoy your trip anyway and come and visit again - on us.”

Sandals is considered the World’s Leading All-inclusive Company by the World Travel Awards.