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Safety & security matters most, UK voted safest in Europe

Safety & security matters most, UK voted safest in Europe

The survey asked global respondents from over 70 countries, to identify the key influencing factors in their decision making process, when deciding upon both leisure and business travel destinations.

Petra Malenicka, Vice President, CNN International Ad Sales, Western Europe said, “Destination branding has become one of the most competitive aspects of today’s tourism industry and these insights are valuable for countries looking to market themselves as the destination of choice for travellers.”

“That safety and security is significantly more important for respondents than the cost of travel, even in austere times, is an indicator that, in times of regional unrest, the pendulum has swung. Tourist boards will clearly continue to have a vital role to play in shaping international perceptions of their country to encourage tourism growth,” she added.

‘Price’ ranks second in travel decision making, reflecting the continuing impact of the economic crisis on consumers.  Yet despite this, the latest UNWTO growth predication figures confirm the resiliency of a buoyant global tourism sector.*

According to the results, respondents are not just price conscious, they are also discerning. ‘Reputation’ is the third most considered factor for respondents considering travel destinations.


The results demonstrate the appeal of the UK from a commercial perspective:
·    The UK is among the top 5 countries globally, when it comes to being “attractive for business investment opportunities”.

The UK leads Europe for safety and is seen as a developed, hospitable destination:
·    46% of global respondents confident of a trouble-free stay
·    43% of global respondents cited the UK’s reputation of being ‘most established and welcoming’ for tourists as a reason for visiting.

The UK is also well positioned when it comes to attracting international travellers in the immediate future.
·    38% of global respondents told CNN they would consider a visit to the UK in the next 12 months, positioning the country second only behind the US in a list of the top 25 destinations most likely to be visited in the next 12 months. 

“The results paint a positive picture for the UK in terms of global perception, and may indicate the country is well positioned to cash in on the warm glow left by a successful Olympic year”, added Malenicka.