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Sabre launches new travel app

Sabre launches new travel app

Sabre has launched a mobile app for travel agents on the go who need to book travel and serve customers.

The Sabre Red Mobile Workspace provides access to the most commonly used agent functions including air, car, and hotel shopping and booking, customer profiles, PNR servicing, seat maps, ticketing capabilities and more.

The Red Mobile Workspace is a purpose-built app specifically designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities offered by tablets, including touch and swipe gestures.

The app incorporates a custom Sabre keyboard, providing easy access to alpha, numeric and symbol characters from one screen.

In addition, an embedded browser gives agents in-app access to popular Sabre resources such as Agency eServices and AgentStream.

“Technology is evolving, and so is the way travel agents want to work,” said Chris Kroeger, senior vice president of Sabre Travel Network.

“Travel agents increasingly face the need to serve their customers wherever and whenever. The Sabre Red Mobile Workspace gives them the freedom to do so.”

Sabre Red Mobile Workspace was introduced at Sabre’s Travel Technology Exchange event held in May.

Since then, it has undergone extensive beta testing with customers from all around the world. Beta test agents were highly satisfied with the app and found a variety of creative places from which to use the app, including their hotel pool, while floating down a river, on the pier at Bar Harbor, from the hospital and in the middle of Great Salt Lake.

The app operates as an extension of the Sabre Red Workspace and uses cloud technology to share and automatically sync reservations information, customer profiles, user preferences and shortcuts across devices.

According to research firm IDC, tablet shipments will outpace laptop shipments this year. A recent Sabre survey indicates that a majority of Sabre connected travel agents want to use a tablet device to serve their customers.