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Sabre Corporation expands partnership with Spirit Airlines

Sabre Corporation expands partnership with Spirit Airlines

Sabre Corporation will expand its digital operations technology alliance with Spirit Airlines.

The deal will make the airline one of the first carriers to utilise the breadth of the innovative, next-generation Sabre Operations Platform.

Spirit, a current user of several of Sabre’s operations solutions, will soon implement Sabre AirCentre Movement Manager, Crew Manager and Recovery Manager, rounding out the core components of the platform.

Collectively, this suite of technology tools provides comprehensive real-time intelligent optimisation of airline operations.

The cloud-enabled intelligent platform delivers valuable pan-operational insights, allowing employees to focus on critical activities that impact operational costs.


Carriers can quickly recover from disruptive situations at the lowest cost, as the platform enables real-time publications of adjusted flight and crew schedules, taking pan-operations constraints into consideration.

Further, the platform enables mobile tools that deliver notifications, allowing for seamless communication between operations controllers, crew schedulers and crew members and ensuring alignment across the airline.

“We are enthusiastically enabling further improvements to our operations processes by incorporating the remaining core elements of the Sabre Operations Platform,” said Rocky Wiggins, chief information officer of Spirit Airlines.

“As we decided to move away from independent tools and instead pursue a platform-oriented approach, we found the Sabre Operations Platform to be the best tool to cohesively manage our operations environment.

“We look forward to leveraging the suite of core Sabre operations solutions to further enhance the way we do business and serve our customers.”

The agile nature of Sabre technology enables airlines like Spirit to quickly grow or drive change without expending significant resources.

Using a robust set of APIs, carriers can easily layer on customized features or integrate with other commercial solutions.