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Ryanair welcomes first Boeing 737 Max to fleet

Ryanair welcomes first Boeing 737 Max to fleet

Ryanair has welcomed its first Boeing 737 Max after nearly two years of delays.

The low-cost carrier took delivery of its first Boeing 737-8200 in Seattle, Washington.

The aircraft flew overnight from Seattle and will land in Dublin Airport later this afternoon.

This is the first delivery of an order of 210 planes, which is an investment in new technology, valued at over $22 billion.

These new aircraft will carry four per cent more passengers but reduce fuel consumption by 16 per cent per seat, lower noise emissions by 40 per cent and lower CO2 emissions by a similar amount, the airline said.


Ryanair chief executive, Michael O’Leary, said: “We are delighted to take delivery of our first new technology Gamchanger aircraft.

“These new Boeing 737 aircraft will help Ryanair lower costs, cut fuel consumption and lower noise and CO2 emissions as we invest heavily in new technology to deepen our environmental commitment.”

The Boeing 737 Max was grounded in 2019 following crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

It was recertified to fly following modifications late last year.

“Due to regrettable delivery delays, we expect to take delivery of just 12 of these aircraft during summer 2021, with six delivering in Ryanair colours and six in Malta Air colours,” added O’Leary.

Ryanair expects to take delivery of an additional 50 of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft before next summer, which it hopes will enable the group to rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic.