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Ryanair baggage policy continues to evolve

Ryanair baggage policy continues to evolve

Another day, another Ryanair baggage policy.

Following an announcement it would charge all passengers a minimum of £6 to bring a suitcase into the cabin from November, the low-cost carrier has confirmed passengers who have already booked will avoid the payment.

The airline said it would give a free ten-kilogram check bag to the two million non-priority customers who booked before August 31st, to travel after November 1st.

Passengers have been advised of the change, Ryanair said, with a checked bag added to the relevant bookings.

From November the budget carrier will no longer allow bags over ten kilograms in its cabin, except for passengers booking priority boarding at a cost of £6.


Others would have to pay £8 to check in a small case.

The airline said the new cabin regulations were necessary to reduce delays at boarding.

However, there have been complaints from passengers who will now face additional fees as well as a wait at the carousel at the airport.

There are also approximately 50,000 passengers who booked before August 31st, but bought priority boarding.

These passengers have had the cost of their priority boarding refunded but Ryanair will still allow them to travel with priority boarding free of charge.