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Ryanair makes latest changes to cabin baggage policy

Ryanair makes latest changes to cabin baggage policy

Ryanair has revealed plans to rejig its baggage policies once again.

Following changes in January this year, the low-cost carrier has said non-priority passengers will no longer be permitted to take a small suitcase on its planes for free.

Charges for a ten-kilogram case will be introduced in November.

The earlier has seen passengers allowed to hand in their smaller cases for loading in the hold for free at the boarding gate.

However, this was still causing delays, Ryanair said, and would be scrapped.


Ryanair said a lower cost of £8 would be introduced to check in a ten-kilogram bag.

Priority customers will be able to bring two free carry-on bags – one ten-kilogram wheelie bag and one small bag.

Some 60 per cent of Ryanair customers will be unaffected by this bag policy change, the carrier said, since a third of customers already buy priority boarding.

A further 30 per cent already travel with only one free carry-on bag.

Ryanair expects that of the remaining 40 per cent of (non-priority) customers affected by this new policy, most will either switch to priority boarding or will switch to traveling with one free (small) carry-on bag only, and others will buy the lower cost ten-kilogram checked bag.

Ryanair spokesman, Kenny Jacobs, said: “This new policy will speed up the boarding and cut flight delays.”