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Royal Brunei restructures and re-brands to battle the Goliaths

Royal Brunei restructures and re-brands to battle the Goliaths Members of the Royal Brunei team celebrate at the re-brand launch event at The Dorchester in London

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) has officially launched its new branding and restructure for the first time in 25 years, in a bid to re-assert itself as a boutique airline contending against the giants.

Following an event at The Dorchester last night, RB’s re-brand launch marks the emergence of a sleeker, more streamlined airline in response to the evolving and growing competitive market.

Completion of the re-branding process is timed to coincide with the entry into service of the 787 Boeing Dreamliner in October 2013, making RB the first airline in south-east Asia to take delivery of this ultra-modern aircraft.

RB’s new focus is to firmly establish itself as a stylish small airline with a mid-range service offering that is proximate to the premium carriers and superior in standard to low cost carriers.

To fulfil this strategy, RB has looked back to its heritage and taken inspiration from Brunei’s stunning landscapes and its people.

The distinguishing qualities of Brunei and Bruneians include graciousness, style, understated elegance, peace, tranquillity, hospitality and harmony with nature.

The intention of the new branding and restructure is to deliver this sense of the destination before travellers have even set foot in Brunei.

The new livery and logo is the first step in RB’s re-branding journey, with further plans to introduce new uniforms, new lounge and ticket office environments and a new website.

The re-branding also includes the training and empowerment of staff in delivering this unique travel experience which is based on key attributes of the airline’s homeland; authenticity and optimism, timeless values, simple
pleasures and golden touches.

RB’s thoughtful little touches all aim to surprise and delight it’s passengers in uniquely Bruneian style.
Dermot Mannion, deputy chairman of RB, said: “We are delighted to introduce our new strategy which will see the flying experience with Royal Brunei Airlines redefined over the next year.

“Not only have we launched our new branding, displaying a sleeker, stylish update on what it means to fly with RB, but we have also committed to a high level of staff training and empowerment to create a family-like, tranquil and unique atmosphere for all our passengers.”

Today RB’s long-haul focus is concentrated on daily same time services to Dubai and London Heathrow in one direction and Melbourne in the other.

All linked to a comprehensive network of nine short-haul routes around Asia.