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Routes 2012: OAG signs low-cost airline Air Arabia

Routes 2012: OAG signs low-cost airline Air Arabia

OAG has confirmed the signing of leading low-cost carrier Air Arabia.

The airline becomes the latest in the Middle East to adopt schedule analysis tools from OAG and the region’s first customer for the new, state-of-the-art ‘OAG Analyser’ system.

‘OAG Analyser’ brings an unprecedented level of advanced data analysis functionality to the aviation industry.

It is an easy-to-use online tool for extracting real meaning and insight from airline schedules data.

By interrogating OAG’s industry-leading databases, ‘OAG Analyser’ offers Air Arabia rapid access to detailed reports ranging from airline and airport route development trends to aircraft usage patterns.

The signing ceremony took place at the World Route Development Forum in Abu Dhabi, UAE and was attended by Air Arabia’s group chief executive Adel Ali.

Ali said: “At Air Arabia, we always make use of valuable tools and systems to optimise efficiency and support our growth.

“We are confident this new system will support the airline’s schedule proposition and market research.”