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Right Cars to open at UK Provincial Airports

Right Cars to open at UK Provincial Airports

Right Cars the new car hire brand, which announced the opening of its first location at Gatwick Airport continues to open new branches as we enter 2012. Its first branch has seen a massive response to its focus on customer service, whilst being competitive in the market place. After only two weeks of being in a position to accept reservations for 2012 the first branch at Gatwick airport has already announced that bookings for Jan 2012 are at 85% utilization, 85% fully booked already. 

Right Cars is set to expand across the UK, not only at provincial airports but also at city centre and major venue locations. Right Cars seem to be on track to become the fastest growing car rental company of all time and is already being nominated for a number of business awards.

We asked the directors at Right Cars how they see the car hire market changing over the next few years and how this has influenced their UK business strategy.

“It is expected that airport locations outside of London will expand significantly over the next few years, as passenger number increase, with more and more people visiting the historical UK for low cost holidays, affected by the problems with the Euro and the strength of the GBP. An added influence is the fact the the UK government have ruled out expansion plans for Gatwick and Stansted.

It is said that the Department of transport have indicated that the number of passengers, passing through UK airports will rise by more than 40% over the next 30 years, but growth in the London based airports will grow at a lot less, with the exception of the Luton Airport. It is predicted that the number of passengers travelling through Manchester Airport will double. Airports such as Plymouth, and Teesside will see considerable growth as will many of the provincial airport locations.


In this knowledge Right Cars have based its business strategy to become dominant at all regional airports throughout the UK, with the long terms forecasts showing that considerable growth will inevitably increase the requirements for care hire services. We will still aim to have a considerable presence at Gatwick Heathrow and Stansted but the long term strategy is the regional and provincial airports.

A recent report from one of the leading car hire comparison website has already informed us that they are seeing changes in trends, as more and more people consider airports outside of the London based majors.

Information about the future is important for any company, and as a new company we have harnessed al the available technology and the information it is providing to develop our business strategy, ensuring that Right Cars has the Right Cars at The Right Locations at The Right Prices”

Right Cars is making a significant investment in the future of car rentals but is maintaining the solid focus on customer service, which based on the numerous complaints about car rental companies that can be found on the Internet, it has to be a major factor of improvement for any car rental company, but Right Cars have got it right form the beginning. With new locations to be announced in the next few days Right Cars is the company to watch.