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Richmond-Millbrae line weekday service to be expanded starting Sept. 10

Richmond-Millbrae line weekday service to be expanded starting Sept. 10

BART will expand weekday service on the Richmond-Millbrae Line beginning Monday by adding four additional train trips in each direction from 7 to 8 pm to meet growing ridership demands. Currently the Richmond-Millbrae and Fremont-Daly City routes stop operating at around 7 pm but, beginning Monday, only the less heavily used Fremont-Daly City line will still stop at 7pm.

“Increasing service on the Richmond-Millbrae line by an extra hour will not only help ease crowding for our passengers on that line, it will also help passengers on other lines by increasing the number of trains serving San Francisco,” said BART Board President John McPartland. “We’re expanding service to meet growing ridership, but it’s a bit of a balancing act. We need to be mindful that BART is 40 years old and every additional mile we run our train cars adds to the wear and tear.”

On a typical day BART operates more than 85 percent of its total fleet of train cars, among the highest percentage of any major U.S. transit agency. The cars that are not in service are instead undergoing repairs or being retrofitted with improvements like the easier-to-clean vinyl seats or non-carpeted floors. Meantime, ridership is projected to grow 3 percent this fiscal year.

August set a new all-time high for average weekday ridership -384,295 trips per weekday- and four of BART’s top 10 ridership days came within the last month (see table below).  Passengers can plan a trip with the new schedule using the QuickPlanner on the BART website homepage; be sure to choose a trip date starting Sept. 10 or later to reflect the new schedule.