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Rail Agency delivers educative lecture to students - 01/04 - 03:30

Rail Agency delivers educative lecture to students - 01/04 - 03:30

A delegation from the Rail Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently visited Al Mawakeb Private School in Dubai to acquaint students, by means of a visual presentation, with all matters related to the Red and Green Lines of the Dubai Metro. The lecture focused on the key obstacles encountered along with the need to join hands to overcome them, and work out suitable solutions. It also explained the features of Nol cards, particularly Nol Blue cards which offer reduced fare to students with a view to promote the use of the metro among future generation and adopt it as a prime transit means in the Emirate.

Commenting on the visit, the Director of Rail Operations at RTA Rail Agency Ramadan Abdullah, said: “This visit comes in the context of the plans set for this year envisaging carrying out such visits and delivering educative lectures to students in various educational stages at public & private schools with the aim of embedding & propagating sound concepts of public transport culture in the UAE, and acquainting them with various mass transit means in place, such as the metro, and public buses among others, in order to endorse them as future transit means.

“Delivering these lectures regularly will definitely assist in responding to all queries raised by students about how to use the metro & Nol cards; which will help make the metro a key destination for mobility in Dubai; which is our ultimate future objective. Students play a positive & considerable role in getting our educational message across other spectrums of the community such as their families and schoolmates in various schools,” added Ramadan.

In a related development, the educative lecture highlighted the key stations on both the Red and Green Lines that serve various commercial, residential, sportive, cultural, and recreational destinations in the Emirate. Students were thoroughly briefed on the Nol Gold, Silver and Blue Cards, and how to obtain those cards offering special discounts for students to attract them to using public transit means. The lecture also touched on the particular feature of the metro which is the safety both in the metro carriages and stations, thus ensuring safe and hassle-free mobility.

Abdullah called on all schools and concerned bodies in Dubai to join hands with RTA’s educational initiatives in order to achieve the highest satisfaction of community members. The Rail Agency will continuously endeavour to hold various visits during the current year in order to deliver educative lectures to students in schools about the Metro to further boost the efforts of ranking Dubai among the top cosmopolitan cities featuring advanced public transit means in general and metro service in particular, said Ramadan in a final comment.